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Are you looking for the right IT professionals for your projects? We provide the best IT, Network & Security experts in the market, typically based in CZ, SK and PL.

Our database contains many experienced DevOps Specialists, RPA Developers, Testers, IT Architects and Cyber Security Specialists.

We offer competitive prices and have a close relationship with our clients to ensure a long term cooperation

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About program Pro-Comfort

Pro-Comfort is a full service support program for our contractors that cover a wide range of areas. We will not only make the whole onboarding process easier for you but also assist you throughout the entire cooperation.

Professional and Individual Approach

Our experienced sourcers will take care of every candidate. Our focus is to fulfill your expectations.

Relevant Projects

Projects that we offer are always based on your previous experience and preferences. Find a workplace that fits your lifestyle and values.

Full Service Support

Our service will help you go through the hiring and onboarding process. We help our placed candidate’s with every issue they face. Our mission is not to be a personal agency but being your partner in your work life.

Transparency and Fairness

We are not another personal agency which keep in touch with you only if the process is going well. You deserve to know the negative feedback as well.

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Candidates preferences - money, onsite/remote, technologies, industry.


Finding a right project

Agree on project and terms.


Introduce profil to client

Help with CV - show candidates' skill and experience


Interview I./II.

Preparing for interview, feedbacks


Job offer

Help with contract and onboarding


Pro-Comfort program

Full service support program throughout the entire cooperation.

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Do you have talented friends or colleagues in the field of information technology that might be interested in the new job opportunities. Refer them, receive a generous referral bonus and help them to advance their career.

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I was not actively looking for a job, but I received a message from Human ICT with an offer in a pleasant human form that caught my eye. For me, as a specialist with more than 20 years of software development experience, human relations are very important, and I would say that they are more important than the technical aspects of the work, which are relatively easy to solve compared to unsatisfactory human factors problems. And that's really what my experience tells me. All the further steps that took place in the process of working on the test task, the first interview and the conversation before the interview, made quite a strong positive impression and convinced me to decide to try cooperation with Human ICT. My experience didn't let me down and the onboarding process and first few weeks at the client were stress free, thanks for all the support I got from the Human ICT family! The most difficult issues in software development are the issues of organizing the work of personnel, especially newcomers, and I can say that they are at their best in Human ICT.
Software Developer

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